Custom made, Parenting

Embroidered high visibility badges

So, it started like this, I wanted to make something for my children to reinforce safety.  I was so extremely passionate about this safety issue that I even started a campaign on this very issue.  Especially targeting teenagers and parents.  I made some high visibility clothing with teenagers very own designs on them, encouraging them to come forward with their own images and to be encouraged to wear these safety clothing.

 For the little ones, I designed some very simple badges or patches as some people like to call them.  The designs themselves was of no great significance, but the special fabric backing that I am using is important.  This is because it is high visibility fabric.  This meant that children everywhere could also bring me simple designs and I would make them for them to put on their school bags, coats or uniforms.  As a matter of fact, they can be applied to almost anything.  The reason for this is because they have a IRON-ON glue backing that it extremely easy to apply and of course means NO-SEWING is required.  This is particularly good for any moms or dads who does not like to sew garments.  These easy iron-on badges can literally be put on anything and it immediately applies with a great strong bond that will last.

Then there was the questions about how it might endure the test of children at play or sports that would tare off this patch.  Well they have tested the test of time.  I decided to make a video of the simplicity of applying the patches and badges and their durability.  This is the only way to show people how easy these badges are.  The best part of all about these patches is the price.  Once you see how easy they are to apply, and their durability, you will certainly think that they must be expensive.  Especially with the knowledge that they are on special high visibility fabric too.  They cost from $3 and upwards because I decided that I would only need to cover the cost of these badges.  I would not see any profits at all on these.  The reason for this is that I could never put a price on a human life, especially that of a child.  Everyone deserves the opportunity for their children to be safe.  This is one the main reasons why I been negotiating with D.O.T. and other big agencies about the use of these badges..

Even to save one life with these badges is worth something.  To save many will be a blessing for everyone concerned.  We deserve to give our children the ability to stay safe on our streets today.


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